Bassist - Music Director - Artist Augmenter 

I'm obsessed with great stories. Throughout my career as a bassist and music director, I've worked with artists to help them tell captivating stories through their music on stage. On my podcast, I coax them from my guests over drinks to try and get past what they do to find out who they are, why they do it, and what I can learn from them. 

Performing around the world has opened countless doors and allowed me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I'm convinced that everyone I meet has a compelling story and that belief has permanently affixed within me an insatiable curiosity about life, people and the creative process. This website is my attempt to discover some of those with you.

- Rob


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“From Grammy nominated artists to young up-and-coming singer-songwriters,
from coffee shops and dive bars in the U.S. to arenas overseas,
Rob Morgan is an internationally touring bassist and music director whose focus is partnering with artists to help make their musical vision a reality primarily in a live setting.

Most widely known for his work as synth, electric bass and Music Director for multi-platinum recording artist, Owl City, Rob has written and produced live sets as music director for multiple world tours. He's been described as “A visionary who’s able to partner with an artist and help raise their live performance to the level of art.” Rob currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Sarah. Visit him online at”



What’s An ‘Artist Augmenter’? 
- At the end of the day, Rob Morgan is a professional translator. Musical artists put so much of their soul and energy into creating their music, that when it’s time to put a live show together it can be a stressful process that also requires a completely separate and unique set of skills and vocabulary. 
As an Artist Augmenter, Rob Morgan partners with artists during the preparation and during the performance of their shows so they can walk on stage confidently, knowing they have a compelling set and that everything happening on stage behind them is taken care of and running smooth. 

What gear do you use? 

Can you track bass on my song?
- Absolutely. Fill out the form below to contact me.

What bookings are you currently accepting? 
- Artist Augmenting (Fill out the ‘contact’ form for more info)
-Bass (live and studio performance // synth, electric // Remote sessions available from my studio in Minneapolis)
-Live Tour Set Consulting and Arranging
-Freelance Travel Writing
-Public Speaking

Freelance Travel Writer? Really?

What’s your podcast about? 

Can I be on your podcast? 
- I'm always looking for good storytellers and intriguing people. If you've listened to the podcast and feel like you'd be a good fit, contact me below and tell me.