Podcasts I've Been Listening To Lately

Holy crap! I've been so pumped the past 48hrs hearing stories of people listening to my new podcast and being encouraged by the people I've interviewed so far. 

Some of my favorites stories have been anywhere from someone being inspired, hearing Masss for the first time, to sing and record their own vocals over the Masss music. Someone saying "I thought I was alone in feeling this way but was encouraged hearing DawnL's story and relating to her." Someone saying, "I think I realize I'm a curious person too, after listening to this. I wan't to ask better questions in life."

THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORIES! Keep them coming and I'll share more soon.

As some of you have downloaded a podcast app for the first time to listen to these (or maybe this was the first podcast you ever listened to) I thought I'd share some of my favorites that I've been listening to the past month that you may enjoy. 

Rob Bell's "The RobCast" - This is podcast has kept my head on straight in some heavy moments.

The Tim Ferriss Show - This is everything

Building A Story Brand With Donald Miller - A business and marketing podcast that has been a career game changer!

Money For The Rest Of US - Trying to learn. Need To learn. $$$

This American Life - NPR Gold

Serial - NPR Storytelling at it's finest (road trip with this)

High and Mighty w/ Jon Gabrus - Hilarious and perfectly NSFW.

Making Oprah - Because Oprah is the best thing to happen to the planet, learn how she happened to it. 

Song Exploder - Dissecting the creation of your favorite songs. 

WTF w/ Marc Maron - Long format interviews with people you've heard of. 

The Zane Lamprey Show - If you know about 'Three Sheets'  you know about this and we can drink together.

Revisionist History w/ Malcolm Gladwell - One of the smartest men alive breaking down ideas that could change the way you think about things. 

The Scotch And A Movie Podcast - Like Scotch? Like Films? You'll enjoy my friends as they dive into both. (I may or may not have been a guest on it once...)

There you go! Hope that gets you started and of course, if you haven't checked out "Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person" yet, you can HERE