“Deep Dark Secret”

In college, I was in a touring band and on days off, I often found myself in an unfamiliar town with a crippling amount of down time. 

In attempts to combat boredom, a buddy of mine and I would play a game we called “Deep Dark Secret” where we would pick out a random person and make up an entire back story of their life, what brought them to this moment and what horrendously dark secret they were hiding from us.

He was exponentially funnier and more creative than I was, so half the time I just ended up laughing with a stomach cramp induced by his obnoxiously descriptive tales of past lovers, drug smuggling and apparently being surrounded by people looking for a secret place to store a dead body they were hiding. 

I’m not sure if it was this game or a character trait imprinted in my DNA but I often find myself, while in a crowd of people (the kind where there’s enough that you’re able to disappear and just observe) wondering about the lives and stories of the people who’s paths have intersected mine for a split second. 

The only difference

I guess

is that I’m no longer making up stories. 

Funny how curiosity suffocates assumptions. 

In a world of assumptions and stereotyping, may your curiosity lead you to the possibility of actually SEEING the people around you. 

Above photos were taken yesterday at a "May Day Parade" in Minneapolis, MN with my wife Sarah and taken with my Fuji x100, f=23mm 1:2 lens