I Don’t Want To Become A Chillaxi

Behold, the Chillaxi.

Typically seen empty, circling downtown, hoping to can catch someone’s eye and get booked. 

Remnants of dying industry grasping at straws to stay in the game while misinterpreting the needs and desires of the current industry.

Only a few years ago, taxis used to be the answer to a problem.

The “Go To”

The “industry standard”

But then, someone came up with a better, faster, easier, more modern solution and, seemingly overnight, they became obsolete to an entire generation.

But it wasn’t overnight. 

Instead of doing the constant self (and external) examination that leads to a genuine understanding of where the industry is headed and where they fit in it, they woke up one day and realized the world around them had changed.

The phone no longer rang on it’s own.

In a panic, the ’quick fix’ was to put on a trendy outfit with the hopes of appearing hip and still with it.

The only problem is, once you open the door, it’s just an ordinary taxi.  

Good thing that never happens in the music world or other creative industries…