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It's Ok To Be Nice 


I have a very polarizing opinion of graffiti. 

"Tagging" public property is one the most reliable indicators of low IQ and is an outward expression disrespect and disdain for the world around you. It's a cheap, tasteless and thoughtless act fueled by ego.  

Graffiti, on the other hand, can be a work of art that adds value to the space around it. A gift to a neighborhood. Creative, intentional, time consuming, something took honest time and effort to create.

I saw this when I was on a walk with Sarah in the East Village of New York last month. I took a picture, kept walking, and stayed in the moment. 

Right next to it, someone had tagged their name,gang,nickname... whatever it was...

I didn't read it. 

And I doubt anyone has taken a picture of it.