Podcasts I've Been Listening To Lately

Last Updated: 06/20/2018

In the Spring of 2017, I started a podcast called "Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person" and I often get asked what some of my favorite podcasts are that I listen to on a regular basis.

Due to the fact that I have the worst freakin memory when it comes to proper nouns, I decided to put together a list of what I've been listening to lately to share with you. 

Whether you're completely new to podcasts, looking for a place to start or it's already apart of your regular routine and you're just looking for something fresh, I hope this helps find a new favorite. 


In Regards To List Order: These aren't listed in order of recommendation. I'll be adding the new ones to the bottom of the list as I find them because... I'm lazy that way.

Rob Morgan Is A Curious Person - Come on... I had to right????

Rob Bell's "The RobCast" - This is podcast has kept my head on straight in some heavy moments.

The Tim Ferriss Show - This is everything

Building A Story Brand With Donald Miller - A business and marketing podcast that has been a career game changer!

Money For The Rest Of US - Trying to learn. Need To learn. $$$

This American Life - NPR Gold

Serial - NPR Storytelling at it's finest (road trip with this)

High and Mighty w/ Jon Gabrus - Hilarious and perfectly NSFW. (Not for those with young ears in the car as his intro is essentially saying F*CK 15x) 

Making Oprah - Because Oprah is the best thing to happen to the planet, learn how she happened to it. 

Song Exploder - Dissecting the creation of your favorite songs. 

WTF w/ Marc Maron - Long format interviews with people you've heard of. 

The Zane Lamprey Show - If you know about 'Three Sheets'  you know about this and we can drink together.

Revisionist History w/ Malcolm Gladwell - One of the smartest men alive breaking down ideas that could change the way you think about things. 

The Scotch And A Movie Podcast - Like Scotch? Like Films? You'll enjoy my friends as they dive into both. (I may or may not have been a guest on it once...)

You Made It Weird - Comedian Pete Holmes talking to people you may have heard of. Start with his interview w/ Noel Gallagher of OASIS.

The Liturgists Podcast - Faith and Spirituality for people turned off of faith and spirituality. You're in good company. 

LORE - Aaron Mahnke tells dark creepy historical stories that fuel modern superstition. Entertaining 30min. 

Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard - New to 2018 and an instant classic.

AKIMBO: A Podcast From Seth Godin - This is huge and changes the way I think about life and my career on a regular basis. 

Big Questions With Cal Fussman - The man who taught me how to ask better questions. 

Showcase From Radiotopia: The Polybius Conspiracy - Documentary style story for when you're on a roadtrip. Serial meets 1980's video arcade.