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Mental Oxygen For Creators

Even though we don't always talk about it openly, all creators, artists and original thinkers deal with (on sometimes a daily basis) Doubts, Fears, Insecurities, Writers Block, Confusion or maybe you're simply "just not feeling it" today. 

Over the past few years, I started compiling a list of interviews, videos, podcast episodes, and articles that have helped inspire me when I've been going through a dark funk mentally. What started out as a collection for my own personal reference, turned into something I began to share with my friends who were dealing with the same stuff I was. Now, it lives here.

Welcome to the conversation. 


"Beautiful things grow out of shit"

For when we find ourselves thinking, "Who am I to think I can start something meaningful?" 

Casey Neistat's "Guide To Life"

For when we need inspiration to get our crap together and quit making excuses.

(Only have 10min? Read an OVERVIEW HERE)


"Protect Your Highlights" & "The 10 sec Rule" 

For when we need advice and inspiration in regards our metal approach to life and our creative work

(This is a killer photography video, but skip to 11:34 for the deep stuff that's applicable to ANYONE)

Videos To Realign Our Freakin 'Big Picture' Thinking:

Podcast Episodes:

(For a longer, more comprehensive list of podcasts I've been listening to lately, CLICK HERE)

Musical & Artistic Creativity Enema

A collection of videos that have inspired me creatively