Mental Oxygen For Creators

If you're reading this, you and I most likely had a conversation in person and I sent you to this link because you're dealing with the same crap that WE ALL FREAKIN DEAL WITH! 
Even though we don't always talk about it openly, all creators, artists and original thinkers deal with (on sometimes a daily basis) Doubts, Fears, Insecurities, Writers Block, Confusion or just simply maybe you're not "feeling it" today. 

We live in a world of cheesy motivational memes with ZERO substance. These are my personal links videos, podcast episodes, and articles that have helped inspire me when I've been going through a dark funk mentally. I've decided to to share my collection in hopes something inspires you too. 



This Guy Inspires Me To Get My Crap Together And Quit Making Excuses



(Only have 10min? Read an OVERVIEW BELOW)

"10 Lessons I Learned from Casey Neistat's Guide to Life"


"Protect Your Highlights" & "The 10sec Rule" 


(This is a photography video, but skip to 11:34 for some of the best advice and inspiration that's applicable to ANYONE about our metal approach to life and our creative work)

Videos I Use To Realign My Freakin 'Big Picture' Thinking

Podcast Episodes:

Musical & Artistic Creativity Enema

A collection of videos that have inspired me creatively: