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"Partnering with artists to make their musical vision a reality."

From multi-platinum, Grammy award nominated artists to young up-and-coming singer-songwriters; From coffee shops & dive bars in the U.S. to arenas overseas; Rob Morgan is an internationally touring bassist and music director whose focus is partnering with artists to help make their musical vision a reality primarily in a live setting.



"This is my personal site but it's also for YOU. Artists, musicians and creators looking for encouragement and practical tools YOU can put into practice TODAY... LIKE... RIGHT FREAKIN NOW!

I'm obviously passionate about rocking out on stage, but I grew up in a world where nobody explained the day-to-day crap that ALL creators deal with. All I was shown were people's success highlight reels so when I started running into obstacles EVERY artist deals with, I thought I was the only one. 

Hopefully you find something here that inspires you along your journey, gives you a practical tool for everyday life or just gives you "Mental Oxygen" during a dark day." 




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